Wishing you Wellness

I wish this for us all. Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits mentally and physically. I recently had a conversation with a friend and she stated “ Self-Care is hard” sometimes it really is. Especially when you wear many hats like I do. My full time job is mentally/emotionally demanding, despite the fact it's rewarding. I’m a mom of three and two at home with me who relay on me to be super supportive. I’m a friend a sister a daughter oh and the Fashionable Traveler, whew! 

So I’ve learned I have to carve out time for me even if that means taking a break from being all of those things. I love the She Biology brand and mission. It’s CBD based products for your Skin & Mind Wellness. I’ve been sipping their Relax French Lavender Tea to settle in in the evenings. Sometimes it hard to shake off the weight of the world and not bring those stresses home. A nice warm cup of this tea helped ease my mind on those oh so crazy days. 

The other product I fell for is the Heal Brown Sugar Body Scrub. I’m definitely a lover of body scrubs. It smells amazing and my skin feels great after ever use. I have really dry skin and leaves me with a glow and feeling so relaxed afterwards. My favorite time to use it is after I do my yoga. Y’all my body be loving me after all that stretching and scrubbing, lol! I’m just saying let’s get our feel good vibes in and take care of ourselves as best as we can. She Biology has more to offer check them out at www.shebiology.com or click HERE this is a sponsored post. 

Until next time, switch up your routine a little or try something new. Especially if it’s good for your health. XoXo, Telisha 💋


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