Charming Charleston (Gold Creations Charleston)

Summer is here and if you're headed to Charleston on your vacation, you're headed in the right direction. We have it all great food, great fun, oh and Gold Creations Charleston has the best jewelry and Souvenirs to grab before leaving.  Check out this Compass Rose, I just love that it's blue. I've always loved Compass Rose Charms and Pendants. This blue just takes it to another level and gives off a more summery feel. Its an attention grabber for sure.  If you're local you're welcome. I'm sharing some of the cutest Summer themed pieces.

Even my daughter Maddi, was obsessed. Check out how cute these flip flop earrings are and this beach ball charm. They have something for everyone. She was so excited and fell in love when we were visiting the store recently.  I mean whats not to love? 

I think what I like about Gold Creations most is the charms! They have so many! I mean they have a charm for every occasion and situation it seems and I can't get enough of them!  

Currently I’m obsessed with everything beach themed! So, the starfish, wave and even the crab, check out the crab earrings!!! I just couldn’t resist scooping them up! The detail and quality of the crabs are insane, they just maybe the best thing right now! We love our seafood here, don't we?!

Anyone of these would be the perfect gift! Even better the perfect souvenir to remember your Charleston vacation. I always say who needs another magnet anyway. Gold Creations has the best selection of Charleston themed jewelry and memorable pieces to take away. Make sure you check them out online at or 74 S Market St in Downtown Charleston.

Thanks for checking in and reading about Gold Creations! Until next time, pick up pieces that are reminders of your great experiences. They always jog your memory, right when you need it! Have a Fashionable Day! ❌⭕️❌⭕️💋-Telisha 

All Jewelry was provided by Gold Creations Charleston. This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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