how I simplified my work wardrobe

I pride myself on being a problem solver. When ever I get really frustrated about something it forces me to step back and rethink the situation. Sometimes we tend to make things more complicated than it has to be. I would get frustrated on how I went to work looking. At times I would feel frumpy and not put togther, and that made me unhappy about my work clothes and the way I want to be seen. I would go to work and other people would look so put togther and I wanted to look that way also.

 I work with kids who have special needs and emotional disabilities and my wardrobe needs to be comfortable. At a moments notice I may have to break up a fight or chase after a kid. With that being said heels is not an option for me at work. I love dresses and decided dresses would be the bulk of my work wardrobe. I wear dresses four days of the week and wear jeans or pants on fridays. I get annoyed with trying to match tops with bottoms, that gets frustrating. I love dresses, that way all I have to do is accessorize. One of the best purchases I made this year was when I ordered my dexflex flats from payless. During a sale one day I ordered ten pairs of shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The came in some cute colors and styles that worked for my work wardrobe needs. Here are some of my favorite dresses and dexflex flats.

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